Dutch Labour Law & Negotiation Practices in HR:

Legal management for non-Dutch HR professionals & business managers


Goal: To equip HR-management professionals with the knowledge & skills to identify and solve employment law issues

During this masterclass, we will dive deep into the knowledge, practice oriented use of Dutch employment law in order to effectively manage HR-related issues from a legal case-management perspective.

For whom?

Are you a non-Dutch speaking (or is the Dutch language and practice not your native language) HR management professional and do you wish to deepen your knowledge with regard to the foundations and latest insights on Dutch employment/labour law and (HR) negotiation practices?


A unique approach:

  • We offer a unique, case-driven and practical approach: bring your own cases and we will use them as a starting point: this way we will simultaneously keep it very concrete and vivid.
  • And at the same time, we offer you in an eagle’s view of in-depth knowledge into relevant themes such as employment contract law, resignation practices (do’s & don’ts), the Dutch reintegration process and its stakeholders.


Learning outcomes:

  • Case driven and (practical) solution-based approach: bring your cases and you’ll get on the spot feedback;
  • Deep insights into the Dutch use and practice within HR labour (law) relations and processes, including sickness absence managagement, and dismissal law
  • negotiation and HR stakeholders;
  • Access to all updates and new development in Dutch legislation, employment/labor law jurisprudence and the latest developments in literature that are relevant for you.




Training- Masterclass (in company or at our office)

Duration: 4 uur (including

Location:  Committ Legal Office, Koningsweg 42 ’s-Hertogenbosch or in-company at your location, ask for a custom made proposal)

Price: 595,- ex VAT